About Us

Established in 2013, TEMACO Builders Ltd is a Rwandan law incorporated company in the construction sector. It is specialized in the manufacturing of prefab concrete products especially used in modern construction. TEMACO Builders Ltd supplies a comprehensive range of high quality concrete products to the construction industry, working with the leading names in architecture, contracting and property development as well as independent builders. Beyond this, TEMACO also organizes different trainings, conferences and events on concrete where different experts, Engineers, construction companies, students from engineering institutions and universities are invited to share knowledge.

what we do

Temaco Builders always strives to create products that can improve landscapes as well as improving the quality of lives through providing the best quality of concrete materials in the sector. Temaco products are Paving stones, Road Krebs, Cement blocks, Outdoor tiles, Water go, and Slabs


TEMACO's founding father, Emmanuel Tuyisenge, is passionate about understanding concrete and delivering top quality construction materials. He has restlessly strived to take TEMACO to lead quality and innovation in the sector. Concrete products, yes, but only at its best. With that mentality, he has put TEMACO on the ladder to become a future market leader.


Temaco Builders has five types of pavements which are TP1, TP2, TP3, TP4, and TP5


Temaco Builders has three types of tiles which are TT1, TT2, and TT3

Block Cement

Temaco Builders has two types of block cement which are TB15.40 and TB20.40